Chithra Jyothi's Vision: A Journey of Art and Joy

In the heart of our exhibition, a kaleidoscope of Chithra Jyothi's creations unfolds, each canvas telling a unique story that resonates with the diverse emotions of the human experience. The students, with wide-eyed fascination, embarked on a visual journey, discovering the beauty and depth within each stroke and color palette.

Capturing Creativity: Chithra Jyothi Through the Lens

Step into the fascinating world of lens and canvas as we present a captivating moment frozen in time. Our exhibition not only showcases the exquisite artistry of Chithra Jyothi but also captures the essence of the artist herself, standing proudly beside her creations that adorn the exhibition walls.

Harmony of Creators: Chithra Jyothi and Fellow Artists at Magic Planet, Trivandrum

Embark on a journey into the enchanting realm of artistic collaboration as we present a captivating photograph featuring the visionary Chithra Jyothi alongside fellow artists, all framed against the backdrop of their collective creations. This magical moment unfolded at the renowned Magic Planet in Trivandrum, where creativity knows no bounds.